Wednesday, May 06, 2009


i love the awkward talks. the conversations you have with someone you're first getting to really know. i mean, you may know of them, but it's those talks in which you first start to learn about the person. your talks with your closer friends are different because you're already so comfortable that you can sound stupid and it won't matter. but these awkward ones matter. they're the ones where you have to be incredibly careful with everything you say, cause first impressions really do make a difference. and you don't want to be the one looking like an idiot. the awkwardness may be incredibly subtle, or it may be totally out there. but you still look forward to them. cause they're fun.

you're careful.
and nervous.
and happy.
and just weird...

cause making new friends is kinda scary. but exciting.
cause you suddenly realize that there's still a whole world out there ready to be discovered. in everything, not just people.

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