Monday, May 04, 2009


i can't help but think...

"the moment you leave high school, it's just gonna hit you in the face. you've grown so dependent on this romanticized idea of growing up in high school and maturing in how you look at life, in how you learn to love, in how you deal with the sh** you must someday go through. but you won't survive. not if you keep this mindset on how life works, in that immature way you look at things. you think you're wise now and you're gaining wisdom in the classrooms at school and your other friends? you know nothing. he was right. you may know about stuff, but you know nothing. it's fine. you'll fall. you'll fall a lot. but you'll get back up and learn. i can't wait for you to learn of the mistakes you've made. you deserve that shame you feel when you do realize it. but even worse, i pity you for all of the mistakes you won't ever learn from. cause the stubborn side of you will always think you are right. while the raw, cruel human side of me hopes you fall so hard and struggle so that you'll finally realize your mistakes, i do, with all my heart, wish you the best in life, full of joy, love, and laughter. good luck in life. you'll need it."

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