Saturday, May 16, 2009


i saw the most interesting license plate today. i don't know why, but they manage to stand out to me.

can you imagine spending your whole life only to love someone else? how do you put someone else before yourself when they only manage to hurt you in one way or another? could you put aside all of your selfish thoughts and even your own happiness to make someone else happy? can you simply brush it off when someone who said things so cruel, it seemed to bring an all time low to your life at that moment? would you even want to forgive someone who never manages to forgive you, but only resents you and all that you do? if the moment came, would you be willing to die for the ones you love, even if they don't seem to love you back? do other people really appreciate you JUST the way you are?

i ask a lot of questions lately...
i hate being away from the place and people who give me answers.

"for you, He died."

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