Thursday, January 31, 2013

"People spend too much time worrying about what will happen, rather than finding out."

-newest friend over 2,000 miles away

Consider the following:

Monday: 2
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: 4.5
Thursday: 0
Friday: Not yet applicable

The numbers above indicate..
(a) The number of girl scouts I've chased down for cookies
(b) My hours of studying each day
(c) My hours of sleep I was going on that day
(d) My total cups of coffee each day

There's actually a high correlation between the amount of sleep I have gotten each day and how many cups of coffee I've had on a given day.  But, of course, correlation does not imply causality. This would, in fact, go against any hypothesis I would form, since I would expect the number of cups of coffee I consume to have a negative relation with the amount of sleep I've been getting. (This post, in fact, is quickly become the lamest post I've ever written ever and has a high probability of being removed after the shame and embarrassment I'm sure to feel after rereading this a week from now.)

But in all seriousness, all I can think about is going to bed by 9:30 on Friday night while I currently avoid the many, many hours of studying that lay before me.  Okay, I'm way behind schedule, so I'll end with my highs from the last two days:

1. Took my first steps in finding an adviser for a special studies opportunity.
2. Officially applied to my first post college job as of 12:23 PM.

Answer: c

"You are a comma whore. And a preposition whore. And sort of a 'thus' whore."

The things I'm told when friends edit my papers...  I really am a comma whore though.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If I never read another economic paper again,

that wouldn't make much sense considering my current career choice. But seriously, if I don't read one for a least another few weeks, I'll be okay with that.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Newest Addition to the Family Van

So my overwhelmingly boring Saturday of studying was kindly interrupted by the announcement that my sister-in-law was in labor, which led to my prompt departure back to Orange County. And over 12 hours later, at 9:47am, we were blessed with the opportunity to welcome Annabelle into the world at a healthy 6 lb. 8 oz. Here are just few pictures from the afternoon..

Isabel's a big sister! 

Okay, back to reading about voluntarily separable repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with reference letters...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Lists

Things to do in the next week:
[x] Job application due Jan. 31st
[x] Work on cover letter
[x] Study for cognitive psychology midterm
[x] Study for monetary policy midterm
[in progress] Study for linear algebra midterm
[in progress] Homework for linear algebra
[x] Homework for game theory
[ ] Read a chapter for macro honors section
[x] Paper for experimental economics

Just looking at the list makes me tired. I gotta be honest, there are moments in the day where I completely zone out and lose focus on everything that's around me. There are still moments when I re-evaluate all of the decisions that were made real in the last couple weeks, wonder if they were for the best, and doubt.

And then I remind myself how incredibly blessed I am and that through all of its struggles, life is beautiful. So with that said..

Life's current perks:
-my roommates back from DC, so the house is less lonely
-making new friends (okay, it's sort of just one.. Still fun though.)
-liking the new church I've been going to
-gonna welcome another Phamvan into the world in less than a week

Updates in blue (as of Thursday, Jan. 31st) cause I'm actually quite impressed with how much I actually got done.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Oh my gosh, you're such a list person." -le roommate

  • Walked downstairs to coffee that made itself in the morning
  • Had only Econ classes (with the exception of one math section)
  • Got work done for the internship
  • Climbed for 2 hours and completed my very first v2 route EVER
  • Went to Bible study for the first time in weeks
  • Got the chance to get to know new and awesome people better
  • Now, just looking forward feasting on Korean bbq tomorrow
Ladies and Gents, my perfect day. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I have the name that, without fail, gets misspelled when I order food or coffee, so much so that I have resorted to going by Kim. It's the name I must repeat whenever meeting someone new, explaining that it's Kimberly without the "ber." The name that has lead people to ask, "Why do people call her by her first and last name together?" The name that people never fully know how to correctly pronounce, while my friends (I'm just gonna be blunt and say it's my white friends.) fear it's incredibly offensive when their parents pronounce it as though it's two separate words.

Revelation: My name is originally supposed to be separated into two one-syllable words (like all other Vietnamese words: Kim Ly).

And in honestly, I really don't mind how you pronounce my name.
(As long as it's not Kimry, cause I could go on a whole rant about the racism behind that. I don't think that stereotype should ever be applied to me considering I couldn't pronounce the "r" sound until 8.)

This is another one of my pointless posts. And after hearing my name said out loud far more times than I could ever be comfortable with in a span of three hours, I just felt like writing..

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I am quite the garrulous person.

So I sat down and started reading The Beautiful and the Damned, and it shames me how often I need to pull out a dictionary.

Monday, January 07, 2013

My Ansel Adams Wannabe Shots

Okay, I consider myself a mediocre photographer at best, and actually tend to be incredibly critical of my pictures. So much so that it can put a serious damper on my mood if I don't have any inspirations when it comes to getting a good picture. Well these are my Ansel Adams inspired photographs that I just wanted to share for the heck of it. I hope you like them, readers.

I'm pretty sure my total number of readers is about 5, but I'd like to apologize to the few readers who are also friends on Facebook. You must be tired of seeing these by now..

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fan of:
-friends with awesome taste in clothes who also like to give clothes as presents
-the voice of the lead singer of One Year Yesterday

Not a fan of:
-rocks that chip my windshield as I drive
-indefinite goodbyes

Friday, January 04, 2013

Today's Life Lessons From the Brother:

1. Never trust a guy with two first names ( Sorry, Daniel Craig...)
2. Second place winner is the first place loser.

Thanks, big brother.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Winter in Yosemite

So somehow my friends and I managed to come up with the crazy plan of camping in the winter for the last two years. Amidst my finals studying, I had an even crazier idea to plan this year's trip in Yosemite. Well.. this was probably the luckiest planning I could have had, and definitely have no regrets going, despite the colds (temperature & illness). And to add to the craziness, we stayed in tents during the one night stay, when temperatures reached about the high 20's. (Two pairs of long underwear, an undershirt, thermal, mid layer, synthetic down, scarf, and beanie is what I wore as I cuddled up for bed in my 20 degree sleeping bag filled with 2 fleece blankets in case you were wondering... You probably weren't.) Our time in the park totaled about a day and a half, on top of 6 hour drives there and back. We got there right in between two snow storms, and were blessed enough to arrive at Tunnel view with a sky full beautiful clouds just after sunrise as bits of golden sunlight touched El Cap and Half Dome. 

Most people still think that such a short trip wasn't worth it, but I'd kindly like to disagree. In the last 4 years I've been to Yosemite 6 times. And while the views from the top of Half Dome are some of my favorite in the world, no words can ever express just how amazing it was for me to see the giant walls of granite covered in the white powder. Also, my sheltered California self had never experience that kind of cold or actual snow fall before this trip. It was definitely the get away I needed this winter break. I'm now ready (and rather excited, to be honest) to head back to San Diego and start my winter quarter.

ps. Click on the actual image of my panorama because the thumbnail doesn't do it justice.