Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goals for the week:

-Become accustomed to sleeping at a decent hour (i.e. before midnight)
-Wake up an hour before usual (7ish...)
-Go for a run at least... 3 times (more like 2)
-Stretch out when I wake up and before bed
-Remember to floss every night
-Get a bag of clothes to donate this fall
-Climb another 10.c
-Drink water instead of soda
-Take my vitamins
-Drive less, walk more

So moving back home has been a challenge to say the least, mostly emotionally.  One of the biggest challenges, thus far, is the fact that I feel myself reverting to Kimly 2 years ago. That includes my horrible eating habits, rare moments of exercise, and lack of positive thoughts.

It's time for me to quit feeling bad and make the best out of what I have for now.

Anyway, time for bed!