Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Winter in Yosemite

So somehow my friends and I managed to come up with the crazy plan of camping in the winter for the last two years. Amidst my finals studying, I had an even crazier idea to plan this year's trip in Yosemite. Well.. this was probably the luckiest planning I could have had, and definitely have no regrets going, despite the colds (temperature & illness). And to add to the craziness, we stayed in tents during the one night stay, when temperatures reached about the high 20's. (Two pairs of long underwear, an undershirt, thermal, mid layer, synthetic down, scarf, and beanie is what I wore as I cuddled up for bed in my 20 degree sleeping bag filled with 2 fleece blankets in case you were wondering... You probably weren't.) Our time in the park totaled about a day and a half, on top of 6 hour drives there and back. We got there right in between two snow storms, and were blessed enough to arrive at Tunnel view with a sky full beautiful clouds just after sunrise as bits of golden sunlight touched El Cap and Half Dome. 

Most people still think that such a short trip wasn't worth it, but I'd kindly like to disagree. In the last 4 years I've been to Yosemite 6 times. And while the views from the top of Half Dome are some of my favorite in the world, no words can ever express just how amazing it was for me to see the giant walls of granite covered in the white powder. Also, my sheltered California self had never experience that kind of cold or actual snow fall before this trip. It was definitely the get away I needed this winter break. I'm now ready (and rather excited, to be honest) to head back to San Diego and start my winter quarter.

ps. Click on the actual image of my panorama because the thumbnail doesn't do it justice.

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