Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Lists

Things to do in the next week:
[x] Job application due Jan. 31st
[x] Work on cover letter
[x] Study for cognitive psychology midterm
[x] Study for monetary policy midterm
[in progress] Study for linear algebra midterm
[in progress] Homework for linear algebra
[x] Homework for game theory
[ ] Read a chapter for macro honors section
[x] Paper for experimental economics

Just looking at the list makes me tired. I gotta be honest, there are moments in the day where I completely zone out and lose focus on everything that's around me. There are still moments when I re-evaluate all of the decisions that were made real in the last couple weeks, wonder if they were for the best, and doubt.

And then I remind myself how incredibly blessed I am and that through all of its struggles, life is beautiful. So with that said..

Life's current perks:
-my roommates back from DC, so the house is less lonely
-making new friends (okay, it's sort of just one.. Still fun though.)
-liking the new church I've been going to
-gonna welcome another Phamvan into the world in less than a week

Updates in blue (as of Thursday, Jan. 31st) cause I'm actually quite impressed with how much I actually got done.

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