Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Fall Ruche Lookbook just came out on Monday, and it honestly breaks my heart to know that I couldn't be around to help out in some way for it. I hate when people use the word "eye - gasm" because it just doesn't sound clean or right. But seriously, the word just came to mind when I first got a sneak peak of the photos from this lookbook last week.  I love, love, love fall clothes and layering and cardigans and boots and mixing floral with sweaters and everything about this. It makes me think of Ruche's original style way back when, while still keeping up with the trends that you see happening today. Haha, secretly, it would be my dream come true to do a photoshoot at a train station, and considering the fact that that will probably never happen, I am so happy that Ruche had the opportunity to do it. 


I went a little crazy when I was choosing pictures for this post. There was just too many that I loved! Definitely one of my favorite shoots that Ruche has ever had, right under the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree shoot. Go look at the rest of it here! (For anyone who doesn't know what Ruche is, shame on you. How I like to describe it though: A cheaper, more affordable Anthropologie.)

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