Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Crochet

So since being in San Diego, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the TV and crocheting.  (I love doing stuff like this, and if I could finally figure out a career where I could get paid to do this, I would.) After about a month or so of crocheting for hours and hours, I finally finished my very first blanket. I don't think I've ever been this proud of a project since I was a kid.  Sadly, I couldn't get a good picture of it laid out completely, but to give you an idea about how big it is, it basically covers the entire top of my twin size bed.

Next project: an R2D2 beanie! Luckily I already had most two of the color I needed left over from the blanket. Now I just need to find some scrap black and red yarn to finish up the details. If my Jawa costume doesn't work out for Halloween, this will be my backup.

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