Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goals for Tonight:

[x] Make study cards for Beatles Music class
[ ] Finish at least 2 more math problems, maybe even 3? Doubtful. It's hard.
[x] Make Facebook page for internship and take notes
[ ] Start studying for Econ midterm if there's time
[x] Take a shower
[x] Be in bed by 12 AM 12:30 (in the morning!) 

Huzzah for having all three of my midterms on the same Monday..

Updating as I go to keep me sane:
[8:30pm]  Ce n'est pas bon. Je peux aller fou après cette semaine.
[8:49pm] Oh-my-gosh-it's-so-hot-in-my-room-I-cannot-work-under-these-conditions!
[10:28pm] Math was impossible. Made plans to meet up with a classmate to get help. 
[11:10pm] Making new Facebook page and ish took a lot longer than expected... 

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