Friday, October 14, 2011

98 degree high

740AM: Wake up
805AM: Leave for school
900AM: Step off shuttle and walk to class
1002AM: Get hw help in Calculus Tutoring Lab
1106AM: Late for Info Session about studying abroad for Econ majors
1154AM: Survey to see if I'm depressed
1207PM: Find out I'm a happy person and get a Krispee Kreme donut
1230PM: Arrive for 2nd day at Internship
415PM: Head back to school
438PM: Nap in car
542PM: Suddenly self conscious about napping in car and give up on sleeping
617PM: Get to library and reddit to keep me sane
632PM: Finish 2 math problems
734PM: Work on note cards for music
916PM: Start walking to commuters lounge
956PM: Realize I'm in the wrong commuters lounge and walk across campus
1006PM: Work more on math with classmate
1136PM: Walk back across campus to shuttle
1232AM: Get home

Long day. I've been told (and have written here many times) that God gives you exactly enough time each day to get all of the important things done. I wonder how important He considers sleep...

Goodnight, world.

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