Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out of Shape.

Did my first solo hike today, which honestly wouldn't be considered much of a hike to most people.  But considering I haven't had any form of exercise since Mt. Whitney, I wasn't complaining. It was 3 miles round trip, and elevation was just over 1,500 feet. But I didn't care. I missed hiking, so anything would've made me happy.

The view was definitely the best part, and I wish this picture did it justice. You can see Lake Murray and some Islands in Mexico if you look hard enough. Someday, when I'm in good enough shape, find some shoes that actually fit me, and overcome my fear of running down steep hills, I'm hoping to be able to run up and down this within 30 minutes. Someday.

On another note: Yesterday marked the last valid day on my Disneyland pass. Definitely sad to know that I won't be able to go for a while, especially since I'm home every few weekends anyway. It was just really nice to go whenever I had a rough week and needed to de-stress. I miss the fireworks the most. I'm still hoping that I'll have the chance to sit outside of the parks with a cup of coffee and watch them on my next trip home.

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