Tuesday, July 21, 2009

things you may not know.

1. i don't like driving. if i can avoid having to get behind the wheel, i will. unlike the rest of the teenage world, i didn't rush to get a license and a car right away. anyone who's sat in my passenger seat can tell you, without any hesitation, that i'm not good. i drive because i must get somewhere, not cause i want to.

2. even though i always tell people that i don't want kids, i know i will someday cause i secretly do. i'm just scared i'll be a bad parent. but i already know... two boys, one girl.

3. in my mind, i severely judge people who make obvious grammar mistakes. if you say "for free," any level of awesomeness you may have drops a notch or two. i have to really, really like you to overlook it and not let it drop.

4. i love getting mail. letters. packages. it's been about 7 months since i've actually received a real letter. but seriously, they could beat any perfectly worded text message or email any day.

5. i online shop. it's bad. 'nough said.

6. there are lots and lots of moments when i want to say, "this is a moment i want to ALWAYS remember. let's take pictures!" but the fear of looking like a fool kicks in, so i let the moment just pass me by. i take pictures of about 1/4 of the things i'd like to capture on film.

7. i really, really like to paint. i'm no good, and haven't done it in years. but i like it.

8. there are times, when i nap longer than i actually sleep at night.

9. i hear the disneyland fireworks at this VERY MOMENT. i wish so badly i could be watching them.

this was random and totally unnecessary.


Daniel said...

this was not unnecessary at all. it was enlightening [:

Sarah said...

1. i don't think you're that bad miss.
2. hehe i like how what you grew up with is what you want. cause i want two/three boys and one girl :] hehe we're the little babiesss.
3. i think you really really like mee :]
4. what's your address? ;]
5. gaah i got my first package!
6. mee too i suck at taking out my camera even though i try to bring it everywhere with me.
7. mm me too. i've been listening to 'a painter's song' by norah jones. i think you'll like it :]
8. heehee
9. lets go to dtd :]
10. although its not something you don't know already. but... i like you kimly phamvan :]