Wednesday, July 22, 2009

things i learned today.

-just because five hours of sleep was enough to get me through a day of high school doesn't mean it can get me through a day of work in the summer.
-if it's almost 90 degrees outside, you really shouldn't walk around barefoot.
-you can break two wrists if you're running fast enough towards a solid, flat vertical surface otherwise known as a wall.
-thirteen year old boys are kinda, really annoying.
-life and conversations in tv are way more awesome than real life, particularly when it's in how i met your mother.
-you can do your best to be as helpful as possible but you won't always get recognition for it. to other people you're just doing what's expected of you.
-life sounds way more awesome in metaphor form.
-i really don't like me when i'm tan.

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