Friday, July 31, 2009


"you'd totally bang him if you could, wouldn't you?"

but no, really..
he makes tattoos awesome.
and playing the piano awesome.
and jumping on said piano even more awesome.

thank you for taking me back years and years to my youth which, in fact, wasn't so long ago. suddenly the hours of listening to the same songs play over and over again rushed back. i still recall the exact blog where i complained quite childishly (real word? doubt it.) about not being able to pick up and go to their concert. sept. 14, 2006. and i realized that i even blogged pictures of the tshirt i told you about, one of the first tshirts i ever made. still pretty childish of me.

i remember very well how impossible it felt to simply buy some tickets, grab my stuff, and go see my favorite band live. but you made it happen, didn't you?

i really had forgotten how much i loved hearing his voice and how much energy he put into all of his music. remember... we wanted to see him play months ago, but i do believe you invited me to a nonexistent concert. i barely knew you, but still, i hoped to myself that i could go with you.

it was a perfect night. thank you.

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