Wednesday, July 22, 2009


so the way i see it, there are four types of romantics (quite possibly more, i just haven't figured them out yet).

#1. romantic number one is the hopeless romantic, which is, according to the rest of the world, the category that people say i fall into. this is the group of people who are the daydreamers. the ones that have watched the lame romantic movies and say aww whenever something remotely cute or romantic happens around them. they already know how they would like to be proposed to and the kinds who know exactly which type of flowers they would love to get whenever a situation warrants flowers. these people are the ones who have imagined every type of romantic scene possible for their future and know exactly which movie they would love their life to follow. though this person has imagined practically every romantic situation possible, they also have a taste of reality. they know that the likeliness of the movie love coming true is probably slim to none, but have hope that maybe they can be the exception and find it out there.

#2. the non-romantic. this is the person who knows that love exists and that love may sometimes call for a romantic gesture or two, but that's basically the extent of it. if there's any kind of word to describe this person, it would probably be practical. they know that love is awesome, but they know that it doesn't necessarily mean you have to call that special person just to say goodnight, and that anniversaries shouldn't be celebrated every month, especially since the mere term anniversary is defined as the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event. so to say happy one week anniversary or happy one month anniversary makes no sense in actuality. proposals don't require a knee or some amazing ring right away. they don't need a sunset in the background or hundreds of people watching at one time. the non-romantic fully understands the existence of love, just doesn't feel the need to exaggerate it or make it seem fluffy in any way.

#3. the cheesy romantic. annoys all that is around him or her. this person can deliver a line that would make anyone want to gag a little, or maybe just laugh a lot. they know just what to say and when to say it. they think to themselves what could be nice to say and what will make another person grin from ear to ear. this is the person that likes to leave messages for the other special person to find in the morning and the one who plans ahead. this person will give flowers just the for the sake of giving flowers and knows all of the ridiculously cute things that have been said in movies from casablanca to the notebook. sadly for the cheesy romantic, he or she can has the tendency to come off as being incredibly fake and even shallow almost. their acts seem only good enough for the movies, so when they happen in real life, it seems too good to the true for the outside world. know this, the cheesy romantics like to do what they do not simply to get another person in bed. oh, no. this person does it because like to see the smile one someone else's face. they love love and love being in love, or in like for the early stages. they deserve a great deal of appreciation when you think about all that they do. they are genuine at heart and mean every word they say.

#4. the romantic romantic. okay, in all honesty, i have no idea what the romantic romantic is really like. i don't know if he or she exists in movies, but i imagine they're something like this. the romantic romantic doesn't need no stinkin' movies or book to know romance. they create it themselves. rather than falling under certain standards of romance, they know what they want and they get it in their own way. they too, like the cheesy romantic, can deliver a good line, just far more subtly. they appreciate any sentimental memories or places that they may share with someone, but does not exaggerate it. in other words, they don't need to show the world how they feel. the care they show stays mainly between two people, as it should. they're sneaky and don't show their true selves right away. or so i'm guessing. i have yet to find out...

hehe, i like my paragraphs of nonsense. can you tell i miss writing?


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