Thursday, June 18, 2009


at about 6 am i sat on the basketball courts one last time and cried, in a rather pathetic fashion. suddenly everywhere i looked, some memory came rushing back. where the boy would play basketball practically every morning and subtly wave as i walked by. where portables once stood and i met the first friend i would make at this school. where we had our picnics practically every day at lunch. where we drove our cars up and watched a cartoon together one last time. where i would practice the sport i both loved and feared every day. where i watched a game in pjs my freshman year. where i learned to love. where i learned to hate. where i ran. where i played. where i wrote. where i listened. where i grew up.

i was never ready to leave.
i'm still not.

i know this isn't goodbye or necessarily an end.
i know the best is yet to come.

but still, i'll miss it.

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Anonymous said...

there was great temptation for me to call back
run back, perhaps
and try to help as best i could
yet i realized
there is nothing i could say that this girl won't figure out on her own

lola is growing?