Wednesday, June 10, 2009


a fortunate accident.

i used to think that this kind of stuff could only happen in the the movies. that one movie in particular. being the hopeless romantic that i am, a part of me always hoped that something like this could someday come true. and though in the back of my mind i always searched for a moment of serendipity, i never truly believed it to be possible. it was simply too good to be true. such a coincidence couldn't actually happen in real life. the screenwriters didn't get what they wrote from real life. it was always just a figment of some person's imagination. i used to be cynically hopeful.

but it's wonderfully beautiful if you think about it. the idea of high school sweet hearts you find each other again years later and fall in love all over again. the idea of you walking into a used bookstore and finding one that belonged to your great grandfather. the idea of two college room mates who drift apart after decades only to randomly run into each other on the street. it's a nice thought at the end of the day.

you were the best accident i could've asked for...


RachelB said...

<3 x 40!! You looked up the definition (= We should watch that movie this summer ... and I am incredibly happy for you!

Sarah said...

i love that movie :]

it is a nice thought.
someday. sigh someday.