Tuesday, June 02, 2009

cease and desist.

some people have told me that all things must come to an end. i don't believe that. at least, i don't wish to believe it. there are some things that really must end, like high school, the pretty bouquet of flowers on the bookshelf, or your childhood.

but still, i do believe something things can last forever. like relationships. like trust. like faith. like love.

so many times it's seemed as though relationships were over. like the love that once existed could no longer continue. it must cease and desist. too often i feared it to be true, but i don't really believe that it's over. i hope it isn't over. true love shouldn't die that easily.

there's always a chance for that friendship to return. maybe not pick up exactly where things left off, but at least pick up. it may not happen anytime soon. it may not happen at all. but i will always hope, in the back of my mind and the deepest corners of my heart, that the friendship won't simply end. if it was real, it won't die. i have hopes that love is strong enough to keep it going. in the mean time, i'll wait. it'll test the patience i've never really had before. sorta just shows how much i want it.

some things can be forever if you let them be.

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rachel said...

i agree, but it sometimes takes effort to keep those things going and when that happens, it gets a little discouraging. we need to spend a day and just talk! your entries are always really good conversation starters - they get me thinking.

p.s. i started writing on blogspot, but it's a little confusing ... is it possible to edit background by adding a picture like you can on xanga?