Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rats live on no evil star.

Today reminded me how much I love my life.

Thus far each day of 2010 has been awesome. Never mind the fact that only two days have gone by. It's been good. Two perfect days is better than none, so I'll take it. Thank You, God. Today would never have happened if it weren't for You.

I have good people. I think (besides the hermits that live on their own and do their own thing) people, for the most part, just need people. You have your people to get you through the day. People to hang out with. People to talk to. People to have listen to you. People to listen to. People to work with. People need people. And when you don't have those people, you sorta feel lost in the world. And you're looking for this something that seems a little hard to find.

Well, I have people. Not just any kind of people. I have good people.
In case I haven't said it lately... thank you, People.

Happy Palindrome Day! (01/02/2010)

PS. I was off. My palindrome had something to do with a mouse and the moon. The real one had rats and no evil star. Sigh...

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Mitchell said...

Haha that's what it is.. Yeah. Definitely no mice or moons in there.