Monday, January 04, 2010

List Contents.

I sat down and made a list,
and it was a lot longer than thirteen.
But you're not allowed to read it.
And neither is the rest of the world.
It's growing...

I felt really bad
when I couldn't think of the list on the spot.
I remember people saying
it should be easy to think of its contents
right away.
It's not for me.
I'm sorry.
I hope that doesn't trouble you.

It shouldn't,
and I will give my justification as to why.

I may not be able to think of the list
off the top of my head.
But when the moment comes,
I know it.
I feel it.
And in the moments,
I just want to scream it to the rest of the world.
Or at least to you.
But that would probably hurt your ears,
so I usually choose to refrain.

while the list's contents may take a while to think of,
I have no doubt of what it all leads to.

You make me happy
in a way no one else can make me happy.

Vague writings that probably turned out to not be so vague after all..

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