Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey, it's the 26th of January.

Do you ever find yourself sitting around with your friend (or group of them) and not a single word is exchanged? And in all that time while you're just sitting there, you're still feeling quite happy with everything. Sure it may not be the most exciting moment you could potentially have and probably won't seem like it would be the most memorable to anyone else. But you are happy, so what else really matters?

That's the thing. Just being around you makes me really happy, even if we aren't going on some cool adventure through the zoo or at the beach. I was cursed with a default look of boredom. So often, when people see my default look they automatically think I am bored or unhappy, but I most likely am not. I like to people-watch and sorta take in the world around me. And in those moments, I am usually not talkative and my default look comes around. But yeah.. that's just how my face is. It sounds strange, I know.

You should know that with you, I am always happy. (Unless we somehow manged to have a real fight.)

Throw in some paper and a box of crayons and life couldn't be better.

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Jeff said...

I love those moments. Kimly, I miss you!