Monday, August 17, 2009


i watched a movie which ended with two 8-year-old boys dying in a concentration camp and didn't shed a tear. i wondered to myself how i could ever turn so heartless.

then i said goodbye to a best friend of six strong years, and cried for the third time within the span of a week. goodbyes are hard, but they don't even hit me until they're all ready over. quite frankly, i don't care if this isn't a real goodbye, i don't want to even say see you later. i just want to know for a fact that i can go back to school in a couple weeks and know that i'll see my same friends like i always have. i want to hold on to something that i know i must let go of. i know what i want is childish, but who cares.

i'll miss you more than a drug addict in rehab misses their crack.
i love you more than peanut butter loves jelly.

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