Wednesday, August 12, 2009


thirteen years ago, God brought into my life two people who somehow managed to change my life for the better. little did i realize back then just how much of an impact people could have on me. within a matter of three days, i was forced to say goodbye to both. not forever, but for me, six months might as well be forever. they gave the term "best friend" its meaning.

in the span of six years, i met friends, best friends, athletes, hotties, skaters, jerks, liars, hypocrites, fakes, educators, clowns, nerds, idiots, classmates.

within less than a year, i met someone who makes me nervous, happy, giddy, excited, and strangely calm all at once. a someone who can make life better when it all feels like it's coming to an end.

in a lifetime, i grew up in a family of five. being the youngest, i learned what it was like to be watched over for constantly. i learned what true dedication looks like and the love of a family that no one could quite understand unless they were a part of it themselves.

almost two years ago, i met a group of people that scared me in ways i had never expected. in some way, they still intimidate me. in other ways, they taught me how to be more comfortable with myself and not be so scared of who i was.

i like people.
particularly the people who make life worth living.

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