Sunday, March 01, 2009

if you're in, i'm in.

"Kids, there comes in a time in your life when you find yourself making what may be the biggest decision of your life. And if you know, deep down inside, you heart is telling you to go down a path which may ultimately be a mistake, turn your brain off. Just turn your brain off and listen to your heart. It's best friends with your gut. In the end, it may be a mistake, but at least you can look back on life without any "what if's." You make that mistake, learn from it, and go on with your life. Sometimes, you gotta make that mistake."
-past Kimly
nov. 17, 2008

I lied. I do like the advice I wrote to myself months ago. Some of it at least. I was blinded for a while, and may very well still be just as blinded today. Still...I don't like the person I've become these last few months, and there are still a number of things I wish I never did. But I'm starting to realize who I want to be. I don't want to be someone who's lived her life and made every decision based on some kind of fear that resided in me at one point or another.

Life is full of uncertainty. You don't know which one of your friends may suddenly get seriously injured in a car accident or whether or not your girlfriend will leave you. You can live through this constant fear of things not going as planned. If you do, you'll never take a chance. Don't constantly relive the pain you felt in the past and do not dwell in the potential hurt you fear may come in the future. Live now. Figure out what you want and get it. Don't let what others may think stop you. Never let someone else stop you from being happy. Never. I believe wholeheartedly that you, dear friend, deserve a world of happiness.


Rachel said...

i think every time i leave you a comment, it's along the lines of "i love reading your work." but i'm telling you again anyway :)
your blog is quite special to me! it's one of my tabbed bookmarks on my internet box so i always click it when i go through my daily website checks :)

RachelB said...

the beginning sounds like a tribute to how i met your mother (=

p.s. guess who got a blog??