Wednesday, March 18, 2009

life is hard, but life is good.

"life is hard, but life is good." fr. sparks.

i firmly believe in every word i write, mainly because of the power of your words. i wrote about this once in a paper a little less than a year ago, but i'll share a bit of it once more. words carry a strange sense of power people often take for granted whether it be spoken, written, or in this case, typed. once shared with another person, they can never be taken back, no matter how hard you try. you can't erase pen, just like you can't erase any emotion you bring about in another person after speaking to them, whether it be anger, hurt, sadness, or joy. they're effects linger for a very long time, possibly even forever. they're permanent. words carry power, and these days i find myself thinking over very carefully each sentence i speak. so to not believe if your own words is a dangerous thing. whether or not i can follow my own words is a different story...

life is hard, but life is good. often times whenever people come across some kind of hardship, the first thing they do is vent. that's stage one. why is this happening to me? why did i deserve this? everything is going wrong no matter how hard i try. this isn't gonna end well and quite frankly, it's not getting any better. why can't i, just this once, get what i want?

and after all of this venting is done and gone, people tend to hang on to this little ounce of hope left. whether it's hanging on by the bare tips of your fingers or the last thread left on that rope, people look for any hope they have left for things to get better. and what's so bad with that? hope is a good thing. but some times, it holds them back from moving on. that's stage two.

stage three deals with the final outcome. when you takes a step back, and realize that everything is all right. this is probably the hardest stage to reach, mainly because the outcomes, though not necessarily bad, aren't exactly what you had in mind. they may not even be close to what you actually want, but that's just how they are. and you come to this acceptance and move on. you, in fact, are blessed with so much more than you think you deserve. and in the end, once you hit this stage you realize something...

life is hard, but life is good.
i firmly believe in my words above and that through most of the hard times in my life, these are probably the three steps i will have to go through. whether or not i would be able to get through them today is an entirely different story.

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