Thursday, March 05, 2009


i think one of my greatest goals in life is to prove people wrong. i hate, HATE when people are right about me. well, not so much the good qualities, but the bad ones. have you ever tried to look at yourself the way other people look at you? the best friend. the loved ones. the semi, close friends. the distant friends. the teachers. the parents. the strangers. the boss. the peers. it's all different. and somehow, some of the manage to learn more about you than you ever thought there was to learn. or worse, they find out about one of your greatest flaws that you just want to hide from the world. and you just want to prove to them that this flaw is just a fluke. it'll pass. or, more wishfully, you think they're wrong. your mind tells you this lie, but your gut knows the truth. so on you go, trying to rid yourself of this flaw, but you are fully of aware that said person knows of this flaw. and you focus on that fact. no matter how hard you try, the fact that this person knows your vulnerability just gets to you, leading to your ultimate demise.

well this is my struggle, and thus, this is my goal. to prove people wrong. i can be what i want and you need. just give me a chance to prove it.

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