Sunday, January 25, 2009

to no end.

today, though a day i dreaded for this last was week, was for you. no matter where i went and no matter what i said, you, wonderful person, were always on the back of my mind. you are the greatest person i have ever met thus far in life. i have no doubt that no person i ever meet in this lifetime can ever surpass how wonderful you are. no person could ever hate you. you took in children who weren't even your own and made the craziest sweaters ever. you were happy when i told you i wanted to be a doctor cause then i would be able to take care of you (i'm sorry that the likeliness of that is .. terrible. just terrible.) i've never seen you angry. i've never seen you sad. i'm glad that i never will.

i've decided to only smile whenever i think of you. no more tears or pain at the thought of you being gone. you don't deserve tears. or a frown of any kind. you deserve my most ridiculous smile and most embarassing laugh. you brought a happiness and love to my childhood, and for that i will always be grateful. i love you to no end, with no questions, no doubts, and no regrets.

i thought i was supposed to say goodbye.
but quite frankly, i refuse.
i'll see you later.

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