Thursday, January 01, 2009

mixed up resolutions.

um... yeah. why not? resolutions and random thoughts.

1. exercise more. (& actually stick to it)
2. spend less money... debit cards are dangerous. i should really cut mine up.
3. appreciate what i have.
4. rely on God more. let Him take care of me, in good times and in bad times.
5. (i always wanted to be witty. it would make communication far more fun i think. can you make yourself witty? i feel like that kills the whole point of it...)
6. clean room! keep it that way.
7. stay more organized in life.
8. get more self-motivated.
9. follow through with stuff.
10. don't let stupid people control me so much. (it's okay if someone out there doesn't like you.)
11. make my relationships last. all of them.
12. (fog is a scary thing. so are possums.)
13. (face paint is a jerk.)
14. read more.
15. focus more in school. (it's gonna be the death of me.)
16. muuuusic.

that's it for now... i can improve so much more. but i lack clear thinking at the moment. it's late.


James Li said...

amen to #1. i'm about to collapse any minute. at least you had sports.

ms. tara said...

isnt it opposum?

Sheena said...

oh i want a debit card.

music yes.
relationships yes.