Sunday, January 11, 2009

into the wild.

i wake up to the sounds of my phone's ever-so obnoxious alarm at 500am exactly. the previous night's dose of nyquil still lingers, and i know that life in 3 hours won't ever feel quite as warm as it does now. but this is a day i've been planning for weeks and it'll get better. so i drag myself out of bed and pull on the warm clothes i hung the night before. teeth are brushed. bags are packed. let's hit the road.

i pull up to a familiar building with beautiful golden arches and even more beautiful hash browns waiting for me inside. it's dark. it...will be open at 530, or so says the teenage employee that just stepped out for some fresh air. i glance at the clock on the dashboard. 530. what lies... food is out and we're off to pick up the others.

it's late. we speed. we make it with time to spare.
we're ready. we leave. off on the road again with an attempted nap or two.

so up we go on a hike, and the trail is slippery...i can't help but want to just lay on the white fluff and make a snow angel. right there and then without a care what others may think. but it's cold so i keep walking instead. the trails get tougher and my legs more tired. but i'm happily dig my hand into the not so fresh snow and make my first snowball ever. the toss wasn't perfect... but it made a nice sound.

there are a few slips. a few falls. and tumble here or there.
we're scared. we leave. we SLIDE.

(this is the good life.)

we're back. we eat. we hike some more.
snow! snow! the good kind.
there's a toss. there's a fall. there's snow everywhere.
adults prove to be far more immature than children could ever be.
this was a snow fight at its greatest.
dare i say it? it was legendary.
we talk. we laugh. we live life.

food is good, rice is magnificent. it's a feast right on the cold asphalt with flip flops and snow. songs were sung. embarrassing videos captured the memories for good. regret will probably come later but the driver and head passenger didn't seem to mind. bless them for that.

the hike wasn't quite what i expected, but the company sure as hell was good. memories that will last a lifetime and friendships which will last even longer. tonight will be one of those nights. a night where i can look back on my day and know i lived life to the absolute fullest, without a single care about the outside world.

i'm back to civilization, but it was see what it's like to go into the wild.


ms. tara said...

i want to gooo back.

Sheena said...

you have no idea how jealous i am!

you look uber cute too in all that gear! :D

mmm lots of funnn...lots of funn..

ms. tara said...

oh ya, and that's a beautiful picture!

James Li said...


James Li said...

gaspp you're right..