Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sequence of events

508: Get off the shuttle and realize that my car won't start.
513: Call AAA and ask for a jump start.
538: AAA gets to me. Get told that I'm incredibly lucky to have battery that lasted so long. Jump start and must drive to Sears to buy a new battery.
553: Call friends to find someone who can go with me in case my car dies again.
555: Vishal gets to me and we figure things out. I leave. He follows.
604: My car dies again. And I'm on the side of the road.
606: Call AAA again and ask for a tow.
607: Good Samaritan, whose dad happens to be a mechanic, helps me push the car out of traffic and teaches me how to take care of a battery in the future. Get told again that I was lucky to have a battery last so long. Even offers to change it for me.
643: Second visit from AAA. On our way to Sears. Again.
659: New battery ordered.
700: Kill time at the mall.
753: Car is done and I drive home very paranoid.
823: Being safe in my house never felt so good.

All of the times are actually quite accurate based on my call log. (And yeah, I went back and checked it for this post.)  That definitely went into my nap time.

Okay, time to study!

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