Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girly Post pt. 2?

So this is Mara, a wonderful person that I had the privilege of working with at Ruche and has her own fashion blog, M loves M.  Why am I posting about her? 

1. She's one of the most awesome and sweetest and most beautiful people I have ever met. 
2. Because I just watched this video from her wedding on her blog, and it was freaking cute. 

Seriously... this wedding was perfect. It's weird because the whole time I was watching that video, I kept seeing amazing details which led to me thinking, "Oh that's what I had brainstormed for my wedding someday far, far of in the future." No lie. From the gray suits for the guys to the garland hanging on the cake to the cookie table. 

So, Mara, if you ever read this. If you someday grace me with your presence at my wedding, I promise it wasn't just me copying you. :)

1 comment:

rachel om said...

Aw Kimly, that was a phenomenally beautiful video!