Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Scratch That

So in my 20 years, I've never had any known allergies. I could eat all of the food I wanted and didn't have to worry about certain lotions. Well, apparently I was wrong. In the last 24 hours at least approximately 9-18% of my body has been covered in a rash. (This is a rare occurrence on my blog where I am actually giving a somewhat accurate percentage of something based on my previous education in anatomy 4 years ago. That's a big deal.) I've gone through almost an entire tube of Benedryl lotion, and feel like I'm four with the chicken pox.

(Side story: I was going through my photo album a few years ago when I noticed one particular picture.. I wasn't a fan of it cause it showed how much of a chubster I was. And then it hit me that there were strange spots all over me. Yeah, my parents totally took a picture of me when I had the chicken pox. Why they wanted to do that, I do not know.)

And for those of you thinking it, no, I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary or used any new lotions or shampoos. My only theory is that I am allergic to my laundry detergent and/or fabric softeners. So I'm off to Costco tomorrow to buy me some generic Kirkland brand stuff.

Moral of this seemingly useless story: It's never too late to learn something new about yourself.
But mostly I needed to complain about it.
I just don't want to be itchy anymore. :(

PS. I managed to tear up within the first 20 minutes of Blue Valentine. And it wasn't even about the main couple.

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