Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking back on my English notes

Believe it or not, my critical reasoning and literature class taught me the four characteristics of a romantic comedy. And I am gonna share it with you.. just cause I can. (My professor would be so proud.) Anyway, the four characteristics:

1. Boy meets girl. Easy enough..
2. Conflict leads to choice. Boy loses girl because of an issue with an ego or because of corrupt relative and/or friend and/or boss.
3. There is a leap of faith where the boy gets the girl.
4. Dues ex machina "machine of the gods" or a coincidence. This is the part of the movie where the boy or girl suddenly has to run through an airport before a plane takes off to stop the opposite sex from flying across the country, so they can say their "I'm sorry's" and "You were right's" and "I love you's."

Why on Earth am I writing all of this? Because I am a girl and I just watched a chick flick. So of course, I am in that kind of mood that girls get in when they see chick flicks, and this is my way of sharing it with you. No Strings Attached took chick flicks to a whole other awkward level, but still with enough can't-stop-laughing funny and pretty much impossibly cute moments to make me happy with it in the end. Plus, there were a lot of songs that I enjoyed, particularly one play list in it. Second plus, Natalie Portman being weird and awkward is always entertaining. I think, overall, the movie turned out to be a lot better than I had planned.

I still stand by my argument that guys should watch chick flicks in order to steal ideas to win girls over if they need it. It'll work, especially considering one of the ideas in the movie was coincidentally one that I had thought of last week.

All right, enough gibberish..

note: Thank you for being the start of my good night.

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