Monday, January 10, 2011

I wonder if this is still read by people..

I warn you now this will be utter nonsense.

I feel helpless today.

When I was a kid, we were asked in religion class what we thought heaven was like. And that was one of those moments when you see the imaginations of youth run wild. Heaven was a place where there were big screens everywhere and people in all white with wings watched their favorite tv shows and no one ever missed their favorite cartoons. Or heaven was a place where you could have your favorite food every night for dinner and ice cream was always an option for dessert.

I still let my imagination run around a bit these days. Okay, a lot more than a bit..

And I can't help but wish for a place where all my questions can be answered. Will God let me ask any and all of the questions I've ever wondered in life? What if heaven could be a place where I could sit in front of this huge flat screen and watch all of my answered get answered in front of me? All night, questions floated around my mind, and I couldn't help but feel helpless knowing that I will most likely live the rest of my life never knowing the truth behind any answer.

I think am losing sight on what I am living each day for..

Enough nonsense. I'll blog something less depressing in a few.


Lash Chronicles said...

I like to think it's like a set of books, with millions of pictures. Volumes and volumes filled with your moments, memories and thoughts. And all the questions we ask throughout our life, the answers are typed in in the little side margins. I don't worry about not knowing the answers, because I enjoy the wondering. By the way, I still read it (in case you didn't notice :))

Christopher said...

I really hope I get unlimited answers at the end. It'd be a nice consolation for being dead.