Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm blog happy tonight.

Sooo, I reread my posts from the past month and saw this list of all the things I wanted to do:

I want to...

-hike! So badly.. I went and bought one of those sterilite tubs from Target to keep all of my backpacking stuff in. And it feels like such a waste to see it just sit. I want to go somewhere.

-go somewhere for more than just a night. I am pretty sure the last thing that could be considered a vacation was back in August. But even then, I was super tired after hiking Half Dome. I was thinking East Coast for Spring Break. But $150 there and back is a lot.

-get dressed up and have a fancy dinner. Just cause they're nice and yummy.

-go to Disneyland! This may be the only thing that I get to do on my list. Got a month off a school, the family just got passes and a couple friends have it too. It'll be good.

-not have to pay for more car repairs. Sigh.. I hope fixing this window is the last thing I have to pay for in a while. I want to save up for something biiig.

-play in the snow! It seems like such a waste for it to be so cold this winter and for me NOT to see the snow yet. I may have to bug some friends to take me...

I crossed out all of the ones I was able to do. I'd say that was rather successful. :)

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