Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spur of the Moment.

I wonder what the world would be life it everyone just acted on their feelings the moment it came about. People often tell others to calm down and just take to cool off when angry or to think things over when it comes to feelings of love. But what would happen if that never happened?

At first, I just thought that there would be a lot of fighting going on. People would be punching each other constantly and grudges would be held. Relationships would just be destroyed, and all love in the world would cease to exist.

BUT, that was just me thinking about what would happen if people simply acted on their feelings of anger. If people acted on their feelings of love, maybe they wouldn't be so scared to tell each other how they felt. Maybe they would apologize sooner and things could be better. Maybe you'd just see the world making a better effort to help one another out. Maybe people would just hug A LOT. Maybe grudges wouldn't be held on to for so long after all. Maybe things could be different.

Tonight is another night of what if's.

1 comment:

athena. said...

whenever i read your posts it makes me sad that i don't blog like this anymore. i think i'm too scared to let other people know what's going on in my head...

but just fyi, you still inspire me to write. if only to myself.

see you bright and early tomorrow, haha.