Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've had those days and weeks when I've felt alone or just sick of dealing with life. And there have been moments when I turned to my friends to just vent. It wasn't necessarily asking for some kind of advice to fix the problems I had, but just to know that when life was rough, someone out there would listen to me or just have me for who I am.

And what I remember most of all was finding myself frustrated when I kept hearing, "It's gonna be okay!" I didn't want to hear that. I knew that when I would look at what appeared to be a crappy life six months from then, I would most likely be okay. But I didn't care about six months from then or even a week from that moment. I cared about that moment. I wanted this magical, immediate sense of happiness that I knew very well would not happen.

And so, whenever I see a friend going through a rough patch in their life, I refrain from saying that phrase that made me cringe so much. I hope they can understand that it's not because I am choosing to not be encouraging at the moment or optimistic. I just know that I cannot fully put myself in their shoes in times of unhappiness, but I sure can try.

So don't hate me for being hypocritical right now.. but, friend, it really will be okay. Life may not seem ideal for quite some time, and even then things may not seem to turn out as you had hoped. But everything is gonna be OH-kay.

Chin up, chum.

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