Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I want...

-the Star Trek movie.
-and the Star Wars trilogy (the good ones, episode IV - VI, not that other stuff).
-and Inglorious Basterds when it comes out.
-and an external hard drive.
-and new books to read.
-and a working desktop.
-and giftcards because they make spending feel less guilty.
-and yellow flowers to make my room pretty again (though the mess sorta counteracts that, huh?)
-and some good strings for my guitar.
-and nothing generic like lotion. I have enough of that to last me a while now...
-and rain.
-and new songs.
-and some motivation.
-and a vacation to some place cool like New York or San Francisco.
-and a job.
-and for gas prices to keep going down.
-and... i'm out for now.

In case you didn't catch on, this was a wish list for people who have been bugging me about making one. I know I will regret this if I get doubles. Seriously, I like cards. And hugs. And cookies. And just hanging. But if you insist on encouraging my unnecessary materialistic side, there it is. I may or may not update it later.

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