Sunday, September 27, 2009

good company.

i had one of those moments yesterday, when i was sitting in the passenger seat on the way to huntington beach. it was one of those moments when i sorta zone out and feel as though my mind is just floating outside of my body, taking a look at my life in a totally different perspective. and i wonder how i managed to be so lucky. particularly with the person sitting next to me.

i've never done any great things in my life. i'm not the best conversationalist and i'm not particularly funny or anything close. i didn't deserve to be in such good company, not one bit. it was then i realized that life seemed too good to be true, so naturally something was out of place. the way things turned out seemed so very odd it. not a bad odd, just odd. odd that i managed to find someone so amazing, who apparently didn't mind being around me.

and then i wondered what life would be like if i were to run out of luck and i would lose such company. it worried me for a bit until i came back, mind no longer floating elsewhere. now very self conscious and unaware of how long i had zoned out, i decided to not question my luck anymore.

life was wonderful, and that's all that really mattered.

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