Saturday, September 24, 2011

Found this from July 2009

him: Dear [insert her name here],
him: I am terribly tired and therefore must sleep in order to not be grumpy tomorrow
him: and although i miss you more than anything in the world
him: it's time to go take a bath and sleep
him: and you should do the same, minus tha bath. Well, maybe the bath too
him: I'll talk to you soon, since e
him: I will most certainly be bored at the thing tomorrow
him: please excuse my awful typing
him: I'm not particularly good as of late, due to my injuries
him: But I try
her: it's good for being injured
him: (don't interrupt my letter)
him: I digress. I hope you are doing well and will have a good night
him: sincerely,
him: [insert his name here]
him: xoxo
her:  Dear [Insert his name here],
her: Thank you so much for the letter.
her: I could write forever, but fear the thought of keeping you up too late with a long reply.
her: So forgive me if this may seem short or blunt in anyway.
her: Believe me, I do not wish to come off that way.
her: I wish terribly that we could stay up all night talking to each other, or better yet see each other.
her: Today, like all days when I do not see you, was rather tough.
her: Particularly today.
her: I don't know why.
her: But I do know that I miss you and look forward to tomorrow even more than you.
her: Because frankly, my dear, I'm awesome like that.
her: I hope you feel refreshed after your bath and sleep wonderfully.
her: This letter was longer after all.
her: My apologies.
her: Goodnight, dear.
her: Your's forever,
her: [Insert her name here]
him: Hahaha i don't think anyone would disagree
him: we're absolutely perfect for each other
him: :)
her: :)

Totally laughed when I read this.. 

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