Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Town

I currently have this song on repeat right now thanks to the YouTube repeat.*  

Saying my goodbye even if it's so far from a real goodbye is taking its toll on me. Strangely, there's a surreal feeling behind all of it, because it won't fully hit me until I wake up in an unfamiliar bed that somehow belongs to me in a few days.  But as the cliche goes, it's the small things that make the biggest difference..

Like the last long talk in the car about every random subject possible,
or the little girl saying, "I'll miss you.." as you're getting ready to leave,
or your parents making you lunch one last time,
or the realization that you'll only see a comforting face through a computer screen for an indefinite amount of time.

Any consistent reader here knows that I really hate any form of change. And, in all honesty, an hour and a half drive that's less than 100 miles is practically nothing. This is probably very healthy for me cause it'll mean I can finally grow up and mature a little, especially considering how much there is for me to look forward to.  There's just so much good that I have grown accustomed to having around everyday. I'll most definitely miss it.

But here's to some new adventures.

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