Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yosemite Pt. 1

Back from Yosemite.. I may not have missed Southern California, but I definitely missed my bed. Anyway, can you picture walking outside and having that view be your backyard? John Muir was freaking awesome. Anyone who has never gone to Yosemite before should definitely go. And go this year, if possible, cause those waterfalls are amazing.

That hike killed me.. haha. I honestly feel like it gets harder every year. And I can't believe I'll be going back in about 2 weeks. Anyway, there were lots of highs and lows during this trip. So here's my list.. I make a lot of lists if you can't tell already.

-Hanging out with good people
-Taking a break from work and the rest of life
-Seeing so many waterfalls since there was so much snow this year
-Seeing Yosemite falls for the first time (Strange cause it was my 3rd trip to Yosemite)
-Hiking up the Mist Trail at night
-Hiking with Mitchell for only the second time in life

-Going on 3 hours of sleep on the hike
-Mentally psyching myself out on the cables
-Getting mad at myself for freaking about about the cables when I've already done it twice
-Camera battery "dying" on the top of Half Dome = no pictures (I turned it on at the end of the day and it had a full battery.)
-Hearing about the people going over the falls
-Saying goodbyes for almost a month

So on the way down from Half Dome, the Mist Trail (steps that go up along Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls) was closed off with yellow police tape. After talking to a ranger, we found out that 3 people had fallen in the water and were missing. And it kills me to know that this couple fell over Vernal Falls because they had climbed over the railing at the falls and didn't expect the water to be so strong. (You can read an article about it here.) So I ask my readers two things:

1. Pray for the family and friends of the victims, as well as the victims themselves.
2. Please, please be careful when on your vacations, and don't take simple things for granted. Life is too precious to lose it by ignoring signs and climbing to the edges of waterfalls.

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