Saturday, July 02, 2011


Pretty bummed that I wasn't able to hike today, but after thinking about it more, I figure it would've been incredibly hot while hiking. And I got to sleep in this morning. So here is my overview of the day for my readers...

-woke up at 1pm
-watched a ton of Gilmore Girls and ate 3 sticks of string cheese
-went to Target and bought 4 things all for less than $10
-satisfied my crazy McDonald's french fries craving
-made a bracelet I've been wanting to make for months, maybe even a year (It only took me 2 hours..)
-watched more Gilmore Girls
-finished the last string cheese in the house, now I need more salty foods.

My beautiful creation
(found the tutorial to make it here)

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rachel om said...

it's gorgeous!!