Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birochday!

Are you ready for my awesome blog post? It's really not that awesome..
I tried to take pictures of the highlights of my day this week, so now you are all forced to look at them. (It's mostly food. That might tell you something about me..) Btw, if you are wondering why there are cheesy filters on my photos, it's because I got super bored earlier. Here we go...

-Monday: My boss decided that the kitchen could use a snow cone machine, since this summer has been proving to be a ridiculously hot one.
-Tuesday: I got me some new flippy floppies from REI. What makes these so awesome? They are made from yoga mats! These are like the memory foam mattresses 'cept for your feet.
-Wednesday: Giveaways at work may just be my favorite things about the job. Here lies 25 awesome gifts wrapped by Athena and me. If only I put in this much effort for the presents I give to my own family and friends..
-Thursday: Sometimes when you have rough weeks, you just need a doughnut to brighten up your morning. This week I had two. And my fun project at work this week: wrapping more gifts. Which I really loved doing.. It's also proof that Ruche isn't like anything other online clothing company. We found our top 3 customers and put together a gift worth over $150 for our birthday week.
-Friday/Saturday: Birthday cakes. I had a lot this week. Btw, how do you work at a cake shop and not know how to spell "birthday?"

Sorry if that was boring...
But now I have finally finished packing for the week for a beautiful trip to Yosemite. See you later, Southern California. I won't miss you much.

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rachel om said...

your week looks lovely and it sounds nice to work at Ruche =)