Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

-YES. It's only 6:30, I can still sleep.
-Okay, 7:oo came to fast. Snooze button!
Uhh... it's 7:35 and I normally leave the house five minutes ago. Great. Surprisingly still got to work only a few minutes later than I normally do. No, I didn't speed, I just didn't really get to think out my outfit as much as I wanted to. And no makeup..
-Lalala, daily routine: drive, get to the office and unlock the doors, make coffee, print packing slips, restocks and finish tasks. Easy day.
-Lunch at Tranquil for the first time in months! All that was missing was Robin.. Pretty surprised that a tea trio kept me full until 11pm.
-Missing certain people all day, but unexpectedly having the chance to see them after work is very nice.
-[Insert "Let's go to the Mall" song from How I Met Your Mother here]
-Very glad I decided to go to the gym. Slowly getting better. My hands sweat a tad bit just typing about it.
-NEW PHONE CASE CAME IN. I don't think anyone understands how frustrating it's been to have my old one literally fall off at least 5 times a day. Thank you free Amazon Prime.

Pretty darn good day.

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