Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kimly ♥ lunch dates.

Pie-ology: the Chipotle of pizza, conveniently located across the street from the Chipotle in Fullerton.

My genius computer is incapable of rotating an image. Hopefully I'll get it fixed by tomorrow and no one will know what I am talking about. Or I'll get too lazy and will forever have a lame picture. Adds character, no? My computer can barely even handle writing this blog entry without slowing down: sad.

Anyway, this was quite delicious. Left: margarita pizza + mushrooms & extra cheese. Right: bbq chicken pizza. The place was sorta empty when we went in for lunch today, so we got to sit on the hip, awkward couches. Great service and all of the people there seem very friendly. It's definitely one of my new favorite places to eat right now.

Lunch dates have been some of the highlights of my week. They're my much needed breaks during long work days to keep Kimly sane.

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Sajedene said...

I googled Pie-ology in hopes that there would be one near me as soon as you described it as "the Chipotle of pizza" but alas it is only in Fullerton. I need to figure out an excuse to get there to try this out!