Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You talk of how the world is unfair,
never gives you what you want,
and takes you for granted.

But you never really saw
how you could hurt the rest of the world.

You forgave some
and still hated others.
But did you ever notice
that the ones you forgave, apparently hurt you
and the ones you hated, you continually hurt?

I watched it all
but looked away.

I can only listen for so long,
and help so much
before it all takes its toll.

You always thought that no one would understand that
taken-for-granted-hurt you felt.

I do.

The hurtful world has so much left to learn.
So do you, friend.

(I may or may not dramatize things. Okay, I dramatize a lot, but still.. )

1 comment:

Asia Joy said...

this is a really good poem.
Like it.
I know how you feel...I think...