Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I want so badly to believe

...that there is truth and love is real.

He asked the room if there was anyone who considered themselves a romantic at all. I raised my hand, without a single ounce of hesitation, looked around and realized my hand stood alone amongst an empty space. And every song and poem analyzed spoke of people following the orthodox teachings of romanticized living who find some tragic ending. The classmates themselves spoke only in the idea that romance was dead and a true romantic did not exist. He was a fake, at best.

Well, world, I argue otherwise. It may not be in opening the door of a girl every time she gets in the car or serenading with sweet melodies, but it does exist. Maybe it's all of the girly chick flicks I've seen in my days or possibly the hopeless romantic side of me. But I do believe that true romantics do exist, along with finding your true loves and happily ever afters.. If I were to change my mind simply because the rest of the world apparently believes so, then I wouldn't really be me then, I suppose.

I hope romantics never give up.

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