Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current Psyche

a. My posture is horrid. I must attempt to fix, though I already know how this will turn out.
b. I get sad whenever I see my broken watch, but haven't had time to fix it.
c. Class tomorrow = sad Kimly.
d. Quiero un lens.
e. I miss getting all fancy smancy and going somewhere and just taking pictures for fun.
f. Griffith Observatory! My astronomy teacher made me want to go. Someone take me.
h. I am a petty, stubborn person. I'll work on being better tomorrow..
i. 16 months is a really long time.. just saying.
j. 79 degrees tomorrow. :(
k. The sunset today made me really happy.
l. Suffering from separation anxiety. (I am a needy person.)
m. Why the heck am I awake typing this?


johnpvee said...

sorry. can i fix your watch for you?

Sarah said...

let's go to griffith :]